It Girl Can I be blunt?

...(can i rip your heart out, can i ask you to be ok with it, can i say something you're going to hate and have you be ok with it, can i ask you to do this for me)...

...well damn... (no, please don't do this... do it for him... for him)

...ok, it's been real... (let go gracefully... do not cry...)



(me too, so sorry)... no big deal...

"is it"

(YES please don't do this)... you have no idea, but i'm a big girl... (big girls don't cry)

... So Good Bye?...

"for now"

...for longer then that i'm sure...
smokin weed Smoke a fattie today. Clears up any irritable bowel syndrome. 031130
sirflaccid Pain will slice you like a knife.

It hurts.

Then it flees, leaving only a scar.

This time, I have taken a blunt object thru the chest.

If removed I fear I will bleed to death.
unhinged as i walked out of friday night class at the meditation center, i got a serious whiff of a grape blunt from one of the apartments near by. when i got on the bus a little while later, there was a bunch of loose tobacco all over the floor because someone probably gutted a cigar for the wrap. city living; it can be highlarious. 091006
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