misstree it's almost comical, this
desperate doggie paddle, while
hungry water draws insistently at ankles.

at least, it *was* desperate,
before eyes glazed over and
muscle's heat turned to dead ache.

i'm swimming because it seems like the
proper thing to do in such a circumstance;
not that it makes a difference,
but that it's proper, even if the outcome is set.

the water yanks on my legs like an impatient lover, and i watch it with flat eyes and wonder how much longer i'll weakly wave away its advance.

can't be long, now.
mt it suckles the energy right out of your toes 050730
REAListic optimIST if you wanted your toes sucked, all you had to do was ask. no need to go off the meds for that... ;p 050730
lovekilledlove there was nothing i could see but i felt it, i felt you
slipping away from me.
you know it's ironic, that every time people denote a specific
trait/virtue/fault about themselves -
the opposite is true.
unhinged in_the_wake_of_lamentable_tides
i learned for myself
what my brother learned in the ocean

just let_go
and if you get sucked under
you'll get spit back out
In_Bloom Unhinged, you and your brother are so right and it's the same for lies...
you might get sucked down but evenutally you'll be spit back up, free and clear.

Not to say the ride isn't a rush.
what's it to you?
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