minnesota_chris We were talking last night, the new_girl and I, about my talents, one of my favorite subjects! She told me I should work hard at my guitar playing and get good at it. (I can tell already, she likes to tell the men she knows how they should improve themselves.)

She wants to be so good at guitar that she could play her own guitar tracks on her future musical recordings.

I told her she was ambitious. As she is insecure, and I can be testy, she asked me what I meant. I said it was a high goal to become a recorded guitar player, and that my own goals are nowhere near as high as hers. I told her that I could spend hours teaching her Russian, even if it never got me in her bed, or even made us friends.

She asked "What is it like to have no ambition?" Ouch! The beginning of the end, I fear. I responded that I do have ambition, but it is in a different class than her ambition.

Later, I asked a good friend if I had ambition. She's wise, and on my side, so she gave a great answer. She said that it's my ambition first to learn learn learn, to teach, to take care of people, to do old fashioned things like cooking and ironing, to make art. It's not really understandable to someone who is conventionally ambitious.
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