typhoid holding rice_paper in my hands
a subtle ripping sound.
i close my i.
fold backwards through infinity.
they talk of things they think they know
with absolute certainty.
how absurd.
Raina insecurity's twin brother. 000926
moonshine college kid arrogance 000926
The Schleiffen Man sometimes i reek of my college kid arrogance and other times it's just a faint perfume that's nice to the senses. 000926
miniver Once you get started, it clings. It's a bad habit, I guess, as far as I have experienced. And a hard one to break, if a person is at all interested in breaking it. 000928
miniver Wow.

That's probably my most sober-sounding post, yet. And it's not even particularly important and/or enlightening.
Wayne I was watching hundreds of crows on the beach a couple of weeks ago. This one macho crow was pecking all the others off his little island.

A playful puppy came by and chased a bunch of them away, including Mr. attitude.

It's the same with people. Unfortunately, sometimes nothing paralleling the puppy ever comes by.
cali j Such an ugly quality in a man. Quiet confidence...Now EVERYTHING! 010531
pete jamming until 2.30 am.
apologizing the next morning to your roomate by saying "it won't happen again."

one week later.

jamming until 1 am.
knowing that your roomate had a long day at school.
followed by a long night at work.
is sick.
and has early class the next day.

"it wont happen again" my ass.
what's it to you?
who go