MercynRe For a good time, call Kevin Groce in Estill Springs, TN. 010427
caveman From me to you,
From you to me,
Reach down in your pocket and pull out some hope for me...
Getting ready to unwind from the everyday animosity, chances are it's hard to see fragile lives & shattered dreams.
When we pretend it's alright?
Behind the music; behind the scenes...
You can look for answers, but that's no fun.
I'd rather do it for the love, the rush, wrap myself in it.
So bring it on....
How high can you fly?
How low can you go?
Come on and show me what ya' got.
Dance with the devil and you may get burned, so pass that torch through a cloud of smoke...
Go ahead and ride that train, blowing across those lines.
It sends one's mind into overdrive!
Having no barriers in sight
ilovepatsajak when do they do it? 011115
ilovepatsajak it's so beautiful 011115
Aves Delerium si querat futuere volet a Atticen xvi...

"if you want to fuck,
[look for/look up] Attica at number 16"

---found on a pompeiian wall
Sonya graffiti: street art created by non-elitists for non-elitists. 011115
dB The best bit of graffiti I've seen is on a wall by the train station so everyone coming into wellington can see it. It's a huge painting of the Macdonalds logo (the golden arches) and underneath it in the classic trade marked lettering are the words "Eat Shit". 011115
ever dumbening (in S.F.) Jim Beam billboard with standard bar scene--guy hitting on babe. Spray painted across logo: "A fifth of whiskey & the world is my bitch." Classic.
The funny part is that now, a few years after seeing the billboard, I work for the company that distributes it.

intimate stranger i think i would like to have my bathroom completely covered in graffiti. 020709
realistic optimist i found this scrawled on a frat house bartop:

Sandspike slicing through viscous fluid, reducing it to a singularity, and destroying infinity.

i have since been entranced by it. does anyone recongize or care to claim it?
google Your search - "slicing through viscous fluid" - did not match any documents 030914
niska every night, i hear it.


i should go check out what the starving artists are leaving behind for us to remember them by. but the alley is dirty, and i really don't care who fucked who's mother.
who i am doesnt matter anymore i remember the first time, back behind and old building. i created the biggest peice of art in my life. after about and hour of sniffing the fumes, watching your back and watching the shades of paint form on the wall, my fingers hurt from pressing so hard. it left blisters of joy. and that nite when i slept all i could think about were the many many ideas running threw my head, like i had been freed from my creative block. too bad some company bought that building and painted over such a great nite. its ok, i leave my marks in other places. 031021
justin Happy fishes,
sad brine shrimp,
you're welcome,
sour memories I'm tired of nobody listening to me
im spreading my word on every brick building in town
paint when what i have to say is something no one will listen to, i write it on the walls of the city instead. maybe when they read it, they will think. 041205
pledge i like 3am. actually 430am is my favorite time of day, but there wasn't a blather for 430am so i'll post about 3am instead. its almost as good. but its too far from dawn. i like the pre dawn sky. i like the dark purple and dark deep blue, almost black, like someone spilled a whole bunch of paint across an otherwise black canvas.

i get really creative at this hour. i graffiti at this hour, and my most creative and daring works come at this hour. i wake up the next day...or sometime i just stay up...but anyway, i'll wake up and be like "man, what was i thinking? i would never do that again..." and come 430am, there i am, running down the middle of route 1 with a can of spray paint in one hand, and a stencil or two or three in the other, painting here and there so the whole world can see what i have to say, all the while hoping that no car comes over that hill, because at this hour its most likely a cop, and i already did 25 hours of community service, i dont want to do anymore.

i dont think i feel anymore alive than at 430am. i like the freedom of being stealth enough to go wherever whenever i want. i feel like i can just stand back among the world and watch without being noticed. like the angels in "city of angels". i think its what its called. the one with the guy who was in gone in 60 seconds, and all the angels stand around invisible but they watch everyone. i feel like those guys.

i wish it could always be 430am. everyone asleep except me. i am what goes on when all you are in bed, i am what is behind the scenes. if you hear sirens, the cops are chasing me, if you see graffiti, that was me, if you feel like someone is watching over you and protecting you, well, most likely it is God, but it could also be me. do not worry, i am not dangerous, and will not rape or rob you. i only do this for my gain. i am harmless. sleep well, and think about where i was when you were asleep. maybe one day i will see one of you out there. you probably won't know its me.

i might look like that scary white trash missing link, but if you talk to me i'll open up, and you'll realize that those guys in hoodies walking around with spray cans and stencils, the guys the rest of the world see as menaces to society, are actually nice people, and are deep as sea, free as the sea, and can teach you more than 10 thousand books. i think i speak for all graffiti artists.
silentbob someone wrote "LAME" on the instructions in the elevator explaining what to do in case of a fire. I suppose because surviving a fire isn't very cool. 060308
jordie It was the 18 and up show. There was an Iron Maiden cover band playing and a bunch of metal head kids and older men were there, catcalling to me as I walked up the alley towards the show. They were dragging joints and sipping Heineken, I smiled at them when they called to me, but nothing more.
Fucking horny bastards. Laura said.
We went inside and Laura led me up the stairs to the bathrooms.
Look. She yelled over the music. You should probably just tell your mom the truth. She probably already knows anyway. Just flat out tell her. You’re a pretty girl, Jordie. Only sixteen! You should be careful. You could have been in a lot of trouble downtown at midnight. You got lucky. Just be careful and tell the truth. Believe me. She said. I know from experience.
I listened to what she said and took it to heart. Laura was smart and independent and rebellious and beautiful and sad and experienced. I looked up to her defiance.
The bathroom was smothered in graffiti. The letters twirling in and out of each other in a silently understood rhythm. The rhythm of truth and expression and uncensored emotion. I didn’t want to leave that bathroom and face my mother. I didn’t want to leave that bathroom and go back to what was censored.
Come on. Laura said.
I followed her back down the stairs, back out the door and into the humid, smoky air of the alley. We hugged. I said bye.
Kasen KSW Keepin stylez wild, Konstatly Smokin Weed, Kant stop writing, Keepin Shit written 060919
gja On a blank wall near me:
"Stay tuned - new graffiti coming soon"
Mancer Could the writing on the walls be as the stars in the skies? 070524
vandal24 I graffitied the library a few days ago.

I'm quite convinced I would have covered the entire wall had my friend not showed up. It was quite a liberating experience.

I wrote:

"at least I left my mark" on a desk
"I'm just staring blanking into space" on a wall
"thank god it's nearly over" on a desk

someone has written "men suck" on a wall, to which I replied "women swallow"
jane carolyn wrote
all over everything for me
when we drunkenly walked
around the block
with the puppy
avoiding sprinklers
and laughing about
orange cones
jane things_found_on_the_toilet_stall_wall
scratched_out written_on_napkin_unknown_date scratched_out_
green seat bring your own bag 070525
m137 EVOL of the ID crew:
m137 070706
a shot of e3? art not vandalism 070707
forsaken by a toaster clerbloinkula!! ahahaha!!!!! 070708
HERE WAS 100307
fghio fghio 101114
flowerock. The graffiti in the bathroom at traderJoes is "Vegan" scratched into the porcelain. It just seemed so fitting. 160326
unhinged a stencil of bernies old man smiling face with vote
above and 2016 below

seattle loves you bernie
millenials love you bernie

and now we have bernie graffiti
flowerock. Big letters from the highway in San Francisco... "yucky poor people"
Probably my favorite so far along with "comfort kills"
what's it to you?
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