kinkazoid met at mcdonalds,
tradded screen names,
talked for a month,
tradded numbers,
one more month,
decided to meet again,
feel in love,
dated for 3 months,
had sex a few times,
didnt use protection,
got knocked up,
planned to have baby,
justin said he would be there for me,
justin decided he didnt want a baby yet,
justin wanted me to get an abortion,
justin went to a party,
i didnt feel like going,
justin had sex with another girl,
justin broke up with me,
justin said the baby wasnt his problem,
he said it wasnt his,
my parents found out,
took me to doctor,
got abortion,
told justin,
he didnt care,
that is your baby you dumb fuck!! a peice of you as much you as it is me. as much your fault as it is mine. my parents are calling your parents and telling them about everything...your paying half for it.
justin got other girl knocked up,
saw justin at store with another girl,
wouldnt doubt him knocking her up too,
justin will pay. ignorant fuck.
sabbie hey juz, i jsut wanted to tell you that it's ok. you were stoopid, and you did some ugly things, but it's ok. for all your (un?)intentional stomping, that you were one of the most important boys i ever met. thanks for all the stuff you did juz, and thanks for every time you rescued me. without you, and without all the things you did (good and god and bad and dumb) i prolly would have turned out a little different. who's to say how different? who's to say what i would have been instead. who's to say i wouldn't have made different choices after we parted in pain, and then maybe i wouldn't have been here now, writing to you to tell you that i don't mind anymore. 010612
terry i knew a guy named justin once. then he went to jail 010709
yummychuckle justin's my brother.

it is not "tradded", its "T-r-a-d-e-d"

and man that sucks, that guy was a bastard.

no glove, no love...
br_Oken We used to email each other. You were a good friend.
Write to me justin.
Love Amy
sage girl i lost my virginity to justin, he was my first everything and now he's gone forever. i will never see his face or hear his goofy laugh. i miss u justin why did you have to die? WHY i want you to know that i think of you all the time. your bithday is coming up you would have been 20 i miss you baby boy! 010925
. : * p s y b o r g * : . You know and everyone else knows that I like you. But you don't seem to like me. Why, then, did you dance with me? Why won't you dance with me anymore? Why won't you talk to me? You're such a freaking jerk now. I'm gonna smash your face in. Screw you. Oh, and answer my note or I'll kick your ass. 011024
. : * p s y b o r g * : . I love you J! Disregard what I said before. Mwahahahahaha. I see my diabolical plan has worked. I pretended to despise you so you'd like me. And you do. Ha. You dropped your pencil and told me to give it you. Okay, I'm paranoid. But at least you'll talk to me again... 011026
screwing for virginity my name is justin, and this has really messed with my head. 030107
nomatter reminds me of david 031020
shivers justins the new kid, hes kinda scary. he has this laugh that makes u wonder wut hes thinking about. and he has a way of making ppl see how stupid wut they're doing si, with out making them feel bad. mysterious, lol 031021
Death of a Rose don't know a justin.

just dropped by.
Zoe justin was this kid at a party once. my friend told me that he liked me (we had just met) i was really drunk, so i kissed him. we ended up having unprotected sex on the floor (he was my first) and i thought i was pregnant for a while. luckly i wasn't. i didn't want to talk to him after that, he wanted to date, but i didn't want to. i made my friend tell him i had a boyfriend. i then started sleeping with one of his friends. i saw him during my prom night. he wouldn't even look at me. i felt bad, i didn't want him to hate me. i think he was the reason i don't date guys, i only fuck them. 031022
er afro 031114
Caxton Did you know that I dream of you everynight?
I dream of every little thing.

Youre more than musical notes in my life...youre more than that measure that holds them. And youre more than the staffs that hold them all together. You are the song to everything I live for.
Happiness has never surrounded me, and now that I know what love is...Ive found the happiness that I have missed out on for so long.
Words just don't do me justice...
I love you...
singing in my pjs I want you so badly, I want to make you love me, feel your touch all over. But I guess that will never happen because I'm not the "complete package".

lousy fuck
PrEtTy LiTtLe PrInCeSs I hate you more than anything, you stupid fucking asshole! You are trying to ruin my life, and now you're doing a damn good job of it! If I could I would send you to someplace where no one would ever have to deal with you again, you two-faced, lying scumbag! If you dropped off the face of the planet RIGHT NOW, I wouldn't be happy...I would be ecstatic!! I know you will never read this, but I think you are a fucking jerk who needs to get his own fucking life and quit trying to ruin mine, and that of my best friend! Go crawl into a pit and die somewhere! 040311
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