amy sounds like a good idea. 001029
birdmad i would do it if i still had the fath to justify it 001029
birdmad i would do it if i still had the faith to justify it

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woo lin yow thelonius sphere 001029
Alexander Beetle Matthew Paris wrote down everything he saw happening, exactly how he saw it. Makes for fascinating reading, too. 011028
Sonya Those images of the Buddhist monks setting themselves on fire during the Vietnam War are hard to forget. Sometimes I envy the simplicity of life the monks have. They do not "worry" about what to wear as they only wear saffron robes and sandals. Some of us think their lives are less meaningful because of their simplicity, but I beg to differ.

The monks probably have a better understanding of what it means to be alive than those of us who are only concerned with acquiring worldly goods we may not really need to LIVE. And by living I don't mean breathing, but appreciating what we have in just being here on Earth and appreciating her natural beauties.
just your average voter There are people smarter than Adrian_Monk. Obama_prisons will fail. 130928
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