zeke gordon No matter how I look at it, the idea of holding a steady job (espescially a deskjob) depresses me tremendously.

Every time I look for an interview, I am overcome with terrible mental images, seen in blues and grays, in which I am reduced to a number. Or even less -- sort of a negative number.

Is this the ultimate fate of my reality? What will become of our hero?

Tune in next week, when nothing at all will happen, due to a tendency to dwell, undecidedly, on the mundane aspects of his ordinary life.
eskimos friend i'm with you there zeke.

i think maybe teaching would be fun, but i remember my teachers saying that however much they love the teaching part, they can't stand the marking, the admin, and all the bitchiness in the staff room.
misstree forget doing what you love
do what you can tolerate

and i've heard the same from teachers, but they also get to reach inside young brains and twiddle their fingers; every job has its suckitude. look at the cool bits.
oldephebe you're gonna be alright zeke.. - have you ever thought of starting your own charter school? something entrepreneurial that would engage your there some innovative methodology you'd like to exploit and or utitlize..? as in fill the gap thereof? 040308
stork daddy i could never be a real go-getter, his brother said casually. i had this dream of me yelling at my potential gucci clad wife after a fight in which she accused me of being distant...and i didn't like it. plus in the dream, i slammed the car door on her fingers.

he could relate to that last part. how easily some feeling already barely bearable could by the slightest additional injury become embarassingly unbearable.
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