Once you acknowledge the futility of everything, you are free to really start to learn.
b0 . . .a frenetic fanatic i frequent the fray t0 f0rget the finality 0f night int0 day my future unfinished my past slipped away my present unf0lding my y0uth g0ne astray my mind just a jumble 0f time-m0re 0r less that expands & c0ntracts under c0nstant duress i’m running it’s chasing it’s cl0sing-in time t0 catch and c0nsume me t0 steal my last rhyme i m0ve t0 the side t0 escape-just in time t0 hear the bell t0lling it’s synthetic chime it rings 0nce it rings twice this third 0ne’s the last i’ll hear in this lifetime. . .i’m n0w in the past. . . 001218
birdmad like Sysyphus and the stone.

i can reach the summit
only to watch it go rolling away again

beginning the game anew.
12 ~ The Hanged Man Either way, the result is the same,
I can neither advance nor withdraw.
Here I am, I cannot go.
What can I do?
How can this be?
(As a shadow,
trapped between the familiar and an alien.)
what's it to you?
who go