Brad Really and truly hard work. Playing jazz or classical music or any other style of music about which you are extremely serious (I'm talking 8 hours a day of practice) is somewhat stressful, very demanding, and underappreciated. But it's oh so rewarding at times... it's only a problem when it's not rewarding, and you continue based upon prior fulfillment and the promise of it being rewarding again in the future. 000619
Alex I Love music,music is life I love life 010308
A Sip Of Your Soul

I see you standing on the dimly lit stage, strumming your guitar -
playing for your yourself,
and then for your fans...something more.

You shroud your body in costume,
sans your face and hair.
The instruments lay polished and warm, naked if you dare.

The air is like your canvas,
just waiting to be something more-
like a piper's echo is heard,
on a quiet misty morn.

Your lyrics cut through it's stillness,
like a thousand shards of glass -
each chord as sweet as candy,
and as hypnotic as an old monk's chant.

Each body sways to your song,
as your music fills the room.
The lights flicker and swing,
as the house falls with a boom.

I look out over the ocean of faces,
adoration to be seen.
Their eyes burn in a glaze,
like glistening pebbles in a stream.

They journeyed here to listen,
to hear you make love -
as if watching a small child,
playing with a wee black dove.

For all they really want,
and nothing more they ask -
is a sip of your soul...
hiding under the mask.

c. 2001
Jenna I'm sorry silentbob, but no matter what you say I still think musicians are sexy. I can't help it.

Maybe it's sorta Freudian. My dad is a musician. When I was a child there were jam sessions at my house. Everybody I looked up to sang and/or played something.

(I sing today. I wish I could write songs. But that is for another blathe.)

At least the musicians I am in love with are nice to me offstage. I *can* tell the difference between an asshole and a nice guy, lucky for me. I have encountered great performers who are completely stuck on themselves, and never remember meeting you (even if you went to high school with them).

At the very least, you know musicians, like artists, writers, and poets, have lives filled with the turmoil that only comes with passion, and even if its not always joyous, they will have some interesting life stories.

(If they will speak to you.)

Bobby, we'll have to agree to disagree.
Princess Lola musician? i know one of those... his name is levithian 030711
joda I just have to quit dating these. It's always so satisfying at first, then the magic is gone... 030711
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