typhoid listening to the classical music chanel while i wash other people's dirty dishes...
like half of the commercials there are such things as skill building for the antisocial. learn how to meet your mate, or learn how communicate with strangers. most of the rest are advertisements for expensive cars.
is this stereotypical or what? and is it true?
The Schleiffen Man didn't you know that only the affluent but socially challenged listen to classical music... get with the program man! 000817
Brad I am NOT affluent! haha. And I try my best not to be socially challenged, and I think I succeed reasonably well, but i suppose like anything that can be up for debate. Perhaps the more intelligent slice of the population is typically either wealthy or socially challenged or both? Pardon me while I listen to Stravinsky's "The Firebird" 000817
The Schleiffen Man Geez brad, calm down.. it's a joke! I have lots of classical mp3's that i listen to on a regular basis (Firebird SUite being one of them) and i am neither affluent nor socially challenged. So scoot over, i'm listening too! 000817
klairchen Oh god, what am I now?

Some kind of semi-affluent socially challenged freak?

I don't think so.

My "classical" station is commercial free.

So I can be who I want.

I guess being Canadian has its perks sometimes.
Brad Hmm... an mp3 of "the firebird" eh? Sounds like intellectual theft and piracy to me.... Although Stravinsky is no longer with us, I don't think that piece of music has officially become public domain yet (although I'm not saying that would be a bad thing). 000817
The Schleiffen Man Actually, the copyright holder would hold the copyright to the actual recording of the piece, not the music itself. I believe Disney legally owns the mp3 I enjoy so much. I'm not hurting them at all, in fact I'm only keeping it until I get the Fantasia 2k CD. If anything, mp3's have broadened my CD collection. 000817
grendel christ, i can see it now, the master composers of history crawling up out of their graves, clawing for a piece of Napster's ass

Brad Actually, I think in classical music the score is copyrighted, and not the recording. The performers on the recordings are typically paid union wage (currently $280 per fifteen minutes of recording) as a one-time wage and usually receive no royalties. The record company reaps what little profits are in the classical music biz (which accounts for a mere 4% or record sales in a good year) and must obtain permission (I believe) of the estate or whomever holds the copyright on the score in order to make the recording. All rights are still reserved. 000818
Brad Furthermore, I object to the blanket term of "classical" music. The classical period was one relatively short slice in time of legit music. People for some reason tend to lump styles as diverse as baroque, romantic, impressionist, twentieth century and minimalist music all under the blanket "classical" heading, which is a joke. It should be called "music," but pop music and jazz and everything else is called "music" too so that would make it too confusing. In light of that, I use the term "legit" music. 000818
klairchen Oh yes, the age old problem of the term "classical"

Sigh, sigh, sigh.

You can try to explain it to some people till you're blue in the face.

More sighs.

I tend to label all this real music as "the classics and beyond".

Oh dear, I guess I should really say in fear of forgetting anyone "the classics and beyond and behind and between and under and over and before".


I hope that suffices.

But I'm sure, after editing, it will all get reduced to "classical" again.

Ah, well.

At least I tried.
no reason The Erlking (Schubert),Piano Concerto No. 1 (Tchaikovsky),Polonaise in A flat (Chopin), Fifth Symphony(Beethoven),The Alabama Song (Kurt Weill),and The Rite of Spring (Stravinsky) are some of my favourites.
and i agree. a lot of the music deemed "classical" actually isn't from the classical period. wait...i guess that means i shouldn't have put some of these under "classical". oh well.
i care aka meg in my head :

it is columns and roman victory wreaths some guy won for running around naked with a sword so let's sculpt him.

outside my head :

it is this love i have for these lovely people. biologically what makes me
love them. it is classical, evolutionary. survival of the fittest because if
you don't love classically youll probably

hang yourself

and there your gene pool ends suddenly
epitome of incomprehensibility Since the beginning of this post talked about radio stations, note that the Montreal classical channel ("la musique classique, la plus belle musique du monde") has ads for the music store Archambault. I guess it's just not very creative that way. But there's also some for furniture, insurance, and expensive jewelry if I remember right. 110815
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