Wes! disneyland make me psycho... 991206
valis i live in orlando. that's exactly what they want, believe me. 991207
lokkust Kinda like a posthumous Elvis in a suit with big black ears, Michael Jackson's penchant for little children and an unquenchable thirst for money and power.

If Pluto was a dog what was Goofy?
startfires goofy was an intelletually evolved dog. he developed capabilities for speech and walking on two legs after he got tired of chewing on shoes and getting his nose shoved in his own excriment. 001024
angelita a sugar-coated corporate fantasy. with animals which speak in the tones of the hollywood glitterati and sporadically burst into horrendously catchy songs.
and yet I have always had a weakness for the cartoons. cause for concern?
closet ballerina disney = corporate irresponsibility 030831
nomatter they own everything and it makes me want to slit my throat. 031005
Just me glitterati is an amazing word ange.
And disney is basically the devil incarnate for kids.
minnesota_chris mmmm that blathe needs a metaphor. Can anyone help? I'm metaphorless today. 040910
flowerbed on a cloud Love Disney! Marrying Disney ^^

LOL goofy was an intelletually evolved dog

dd Fantastic 210127
x disney_is_evil 210628
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