Q ... is a terrible thing to waste. 991231
lotusflower skin smelling of citrus
ripe fruit
and freshness.
BoofPixie the bed is soft. the air is lemony. 000309
Syrope doesnt have to be related to sexuality. 020411
me if not then whats the pointr? 020412
SillyConfuzed He's laying there staring at me
Looking at my nakeness, and I feel no shame
His hands starts the travel that he has taken
Many times before
I let out a small, soft moan
I know what will be next, and i anticipate
The next move, the move of his hand
as he explores every single part of my body
He explores as if he has never touched me
As if he doesn't kno
what makes me explode
with desire, with pleasure
He caresses my breats, and kisses each one
He kisses my neck and whispers in my ear
I giggle with the warmth of his breath
He knows I like that and he does it again
His hand is still touching me
Up and down my back, my ass
Oh how I shiver at every touch
He finally rests between my legs
a moan is all I can say
I know what will be next
The way he will stroke me, the way I like
He will start slow, while he is kissing me
I embrace him and open myself up
I let his fingers do all the talking
Oh my how they will talk
They let me know that this time I shall feel
The feel of all the desire that has been building
Explode in one powerful moment
But that is just the beginning..
Sensuality tell_me_a_storie 030915
jane whose dream is to be
like marla
in fight_club
spinning, almost drug-induced
turmoil, somewhat confused
& yet perfectly
. why do people go on tourist buses?
it's proof that some people are just too scared to be alive.
what's it to you?
who go