moonshine I dreamt I kissed you..
I woke up revolted
By the dreams I dream during the day give me nightmares under closed eyes.
*~K i always thought MTv was so tightassed, it should have a show called 'Buttplugged".
there you'd have it, Clapton singing 'Tears in Heaven' with real tears in his eyes because it HURTS SO GOOD...
nomatter nirvan unplugged is unfuckingbelieveable 031023
jane vm [11:49 PM]: I have a present for you, or at least I think you will like it
Auto response from Jane44079 [11:49 PM]: I am away from my computer right now.
vm [11:50 PM]: well then it's in your email
vm[12:16 AM]: lauren, I'm sad. Not in a depressed I-want-to-take-action way...in a way that I feel I am beaten...and I am soo inconstant...emotions are running through me like water, and I don't have time to keep up with them all. and it's not because of college or anything "normal" like that. I am not worried about me, but I don't know what to do...I feel so dumbingly numb
vm [12:17 AM]: so sorry I got all dumbo on you, I just get these overriding feelings and then I just kinda walk away...and anyway, maybe I will call you, but I really have to read and I am SO tired
Piso Mojado they say sleep has a quality of death to it. (your soul recharges every night, while you unsuspectingly dream) 040125
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