echo shrapnel is shrapnel 070924
unhinged i can't remember who asked me
but someone asked me
how long i thought that i would be allowed
atop this trash heap
i didn't answer cause i'm tired
of criticizing the masses
inspired to support the devouring of self
all the power to the people
who dig potholes
place me in a glass case full of
lost treasures and fossils
i got a right to be hostile
my love is getting gang raped
by an army full of money hungry crocodiles
quantity is up
market in a flood
but the party over here
has never steered through so much love
i'll take the laughter
but i'd rather have the women
who i'm kidding
i'll be content with whatever i'm given
work for food rent sex money or water
i don't know what else that you have to offer
your first born daughter?
no need already got her
she came to the set hungry and
left hot and bothered
my posse's full of women computer nerds and thugs
much to my dismay
i'm none of the above
someday i'm a be the mac of the minute
hit her so damn good
i'm a have to forget it
listen to the mimic
it's almost on
drinktaker hit me with a tall posean
think quick
how much more insult will it take for me to break your lightbulb?
shards of pulled cards scattered on the carpet
it's hard to breathe cause you wear a fitted target
tug upon a chump chain
travel the cold rain
of course i came to show you shrapnel 2x
check your mail
climb your ladder
count the pieces you've managed to gather
does it matter?
what are you trying to achieve?
let go of your throat
if you're dying to breathe
and finally we've begun to make a little progress
not a single dock in this river that can stop us
lost in the mix like a feeble overdub
got me screaming at these humans so
these people know what's up
yeah slugs back
with his collection of hubcaps
caught a buzz and brought
a notebook full of love raps
hoping the pipes can tuck that voice in
i'm gonna sit on this corner
and nibble all my ()s in
maybe once in a while
i find a reason to smile
but most of the time is spent
deep in denial
it's all make believe
i want the cake to eat
but this lake's too deep
trying to stand on two feet
wondering about the thunder running
through this blood
i try to keep my cool but
the hat fits too snug
studied the love
took my degree
shoved it into a bottle
chucked it into the sea
shards of pulled cards scattered on the carpet...

unhinged 'do you have a right to be hostile seattle?'

yes we do
just ask my manager
what's it to you?
who go