silentbob Automatic

I think, I think I know it all,
but can I be sure of the things I've grown to know,
and can I say I know it all,
when rules just guide me to blindly follow
and things are automatic when you see them everyday
is it the same routine
or my fucked up dreams,
that keep me walking mindless all the way?
I think, I think I know it all
but is our beliefs just stringing us along
and was there something wrong in what I heard,
for every hour of the day?
silentbob Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore

Jen thinks it isn't fair that I don't really care
If she likes me or not
And Jen doesn't like to settle
Until she makes me feel like Howie Reynolds
She thinks that I'm all that I've got
No Jen doesn't like me anymore
Jen doesn't like to go to the shows,
She doesn't like my whoa - whoa's.
Jen doesn't like me anymore.
silentbob Anchor

This one goes out to the kids
who drove 6 hours in a stolen car, then missed the show.
This one goes out to never
losing sight of all the
"how it's been" and "how it was."
Here's to just sinking the ship
and not giving a shit.
Here's to sinking fast
with everyone else.
This one goes out to another
night with no sleep,
Crimpshrine records and
Gainesville streets
This one goes out to Mike,
Var, Mike and Tony,
All, Snuff, Jon, Terri,
Shaun, and Andre.
Thank You
silentbob Shindo

Something's out there
and it takes me away
from a world too small to stay
something's out there
Another day in this place so small,
I'd rather be somebody else
maybe if my mind wasn't so tall,
I wouldn't be able to tell
and I've walked these streets
it seems like 10 million times
and I've seen things up and leave
time after time
(and its just another day) in this place so small
I'd rather be somebody else
old habits die hard
silentbob Their new album is out in the US in August, they're currently on exhausting world-wide tours and they're still one of the best punk bands around. A band whose music isn't simply about making lots of money, and whose gigs aren't about charging the most exorbitant prices. They keep their CD prices and show prices low, care about their fans, and if you aren't already a fan, now is the time. You wanted more, so here it is: an interview with Vinnie from LTJ. (AND A COMPETITION!)

Their sixth album, "Hello Rockview" was some achievement - mixing the most uplifting music with mature lyrics. And their next album, Borders And Boundaries, looks even better!

Let's start with the new album - can you tell us a little about it?

It's called BORDERS AND BOUNDARIES, It's a lot like HELLO ROCKVIEW, but this time it's a little less ska but way more horn heavy. it's a way more varied record, in the sense that it runs the gamut of tempos and lyrical topics.

I know that with the new album, you are going for a sound more true to the live experience. How exactly have you been able to achieve this?

We played most of the record live, but it still doesn't have that energy that we do live at shows, it's a never ending struggle to achieve that.

Lyrically, how much has the songwriting matured? Musically, can you give us a hint to what to expect? Fast, or a little more slow?

Well, like I said, it's more varied in tempo's, its got funny lyrics to super serious lyrics, it really does run up and down the spectrum.

Do you think this album will make you bigger than ever? To the levels of popularity that Green Day have, for example.

I really don't think LTJ will ever get that big, I mean there's hope, but I know that how we are ethically speaking, doesn't really jive with the music industry too well, so I'm content just playing, and touring, and if it ever happens.. y'know that success side would just be icing on the cake.

Your horn section kicks ass! Why did you chose to implement that into the band?

We have a horn section because of snuff, 12 yrs ago i heard a trombone with pop punk and i knew we had to do something like it.

You spend a good part of your year on the road... and your dedication to the fans is enormous. Can you tell us why you have chosen to be so good to the fans, instead of just going for all the money you can make? We have so much respect for Less Than Jake, as it seems you really do care about the fans (i.e. your door prices, etc are pushed down so that everyone can have a chance to see you, right?)

Without "fans" we wouldn't be a band, our success is solely based on people liking us, so why wouldn't we put that time and energy into doing all we could for the people that like our music, so many bands forget about that as they start to be successful, there's that old saying "..don't bite the hand that feeds you...' and I think that its a true statement especially when you apply it to punk and it's ethics.

Let's talk about the live show: How do you manage to put so much energy into each performance?

We drink a lot of coffee, and eat a lot of sugar, and it helps to really love what you're doing too.

You recently toured Europe - how were you received in the different countries?

It's been a blast, it's always surprising that people actually know our songs, it gives me that warm fuzzy drunk in the wintertime feeling.. y'know?

What about plans for the future? Another album, maybe in the next couple of years? More extensive touring? Or are you taking a rest?

We'll be in every part of the world in the next few months, seriously, there's no rest in sight.


(Interviewed by John Glassey)
MollyGoLightly these girls i know fucked less than jake. Warped Tour, some year or other.

less than jake said that they love oklahoma so much, that they wanted to move there. and these two girls believed them. and they talked about less than jake all the time. i told them to shut up, that they were a road fuck, that less than jake did not think they were special.

they got really really mad at me.

less than jake never came back to oklahoma.
Piso Mojado every song on 'losing streak' makes me smile and dance around my room uncontrolably. SO good 030217
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