sophers sigh travis,travis williams, yeah you woodstock boy this is me venting, if you ever read this, you jewel you ,out of the delirium I saw you and then like the jewel on my 10 birthday prsent- cheap necklace from my last 'best' friend, I lost you... god help me I hope you will learn more from me than I have from you...then all this drama might...just might be worth it.
21ofMay2001--two days after a sleepless night : )
sleep soundly sweet sorrows, I'll greet thee tomorrow!
the repeater A metal chickadee flies overhead, leaving nothing but a whistling sound. The whistling sound that becomes the sound of a thousand screams. Screaming eternally, echoing in my mind. I wish time travel was possible. Give me 1945 and a single bullet. 010522
repeater (yoink above) 010522
the repeater
I flail my arms to stop my fall
but pick up speed instead
My limbs float lifeless, dead
as I freefall inside My head
Spires of fears now jutting out
so sharp and clear
while drawing near
I fear, I fear this place
TAKE Me from this place!
SAVE Me from this place!
but NO, the journey must go on

meehall water glistens like little jewels
on leaves
in the morning
what's it to you?
who go