burden Trinkets vacate their shelves, and the suburban chorus unites in disapproval. Rags. Packaged morning. The wails of eternity. 010509
yoink A metal chickadee flies overhead, leaving nothing but a whistling sound. The whistling sound that becomes the sound of a thousand screams. Screaming eternally, echoing in my mind. I wish time travel was possible. Give me 1945 and a single bullet. 010522
yoink nine minus four is five and five minus four is one

five plus nine is fourteen

nine plus one is one more than five plus four

it is all in there, in 1945

imagine always having that kind of power over the numbers
professor uno that must have been the year in which i found my shower curtain 020807
Laura Love ended that April,
on the rainy Sunday,
where she hiked her long black and white skirt and I saw her pale knees.

Love ended that April,
in that twilight time,
when she smiled her crooked smile and
walked sopping towards her house.

Love ended that April,
on the pungent tar street,
where I saw her look over her shoulder,
still smiling at me.

Love only began that January before,
now I remember the night she left,
and love ended that April.
endless desire yoink...that's my favourite thing to do with numbers. the thing that drives me nuts though is my address is 942...and every time i look at it i try to manipulate it into something but ive never really been very successful. 040123
lame 4+2=6

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