sphinxradio you know, i think people are starting to talk about us.

and i keep losing my balance, somehow. i'm used to having a wall to cling to.

on the tightrope again. let's dance.
whoknows do you know how to shag? if so, ill dance with you. 011109
psychobabe to freefall would be grand. Let go of reality for just those 10 seconds and fall to my hearts content. Breathlessly falling to either my lifes climax at the moment or even my lifes end. One snap of the rope and i could easily die on the spot. But i put my trust into that rope to hold me and keep me from harm. Damn i put alot of trust into those things 011109
psychobabe .. 011110
psychobabe This is the last time i will talk to you
I feel like i'm in a blocked
state of mind
Am i getting through

I'm on a freefall

So hard-hard for me to shine
been so long

If you look real closely
you can see right through
the pain i created
i'm putting us through

I'm on a freefall

So hard
Hard for me to shine
been so long
to fiiind
Try and find myself
hardest thing i've ever done

To find
Try to find myself

I'm on a freefall
On a freefall

ahhhhhhhhhhh i love sevendust!!!!!!!!!
ShnizelCheese Ive been Freefalling since Last week....

Stupid Smile
Fluttering Feelings
Eager Phone Calls

Oh how nice it is to meet someone new and Extraordinary.
what's it to you?
who go