phil I have three chipmunks and a stoned goat, trade you for eight parakeets and a squirell. 020530
stork daddy i'll give you my squirrel, but i can't part with the parakeets, i've spent too much time training them, and it would take too long to teach new ones the foods i like picked up from the grocery store and where i want my morning paper etc. But, if you throw in an easy bake oven, i'll trade you the original squirrel plus my mom and a bootlegged copy of the last episode of thundercats 020530
stork daddy stoned is the goat? 020530
phil The goat can't walk in a straight line.
If you get your mom stoned, then it's a deal.
Otherwise you have to throw in one of those parakeets and I'll throw in a bucket of roadkill if you go with the parakeet option.
Got some nice skunk in the bucket, a few possum, and oh look a parakeet, practically pays for itself.
god cheap at twice the price 020530
stork daddy whew...i thought you were going to ask that i get my mom off can supply her stoned easily. But first...what color is the possum? and is it a big possum? also is it male or female. hate to squabble, but if you don't mind looking in the bucket, i might go for the parakeet option 020531
Ariadani do the chipmunks come with driver side airbags? 020531
phil You say you can't keep her OFF drugs?
Sounds like a pretty big score, just hand her over to me, and you can have it all.
I need the bucket for a few more days and
I can't promise the easy bake oven will actually cook anything, but you sound interested in the opossums, so one'll be in the oven.
Which would you care for, I have a green one and a black one. And a black and green, eeww, nevermind, I just have two.
The black one is a little larger, but it's female.
The green one, was appearently doing something to the black one when they got hit.
pete i feared it'd be worse. i made plans to see a friend, though left the friend with a warning "this will either go poorly and last five seconds or go well and last over an hour." it lasted over an hour and we made arrangements to have coffee again. it still sucks, but not as badly as it would if she was lost to me completely. i have no illusions of getting back together with her. i just missed talking to her, as we connect at a certain level that was surprising at first and deeply comfortable after some time and scarily nearly broken over the past three weeks since the breakup. but that part is over with. we can move forward, move our own ways, learn more secrets of love, and remember each other fondly, and our times together over coffee. 061206
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