doggy bad poetry! ha ha ha! 000221
Brad I have read this word hundreds of times, used it hundreds of times in various contexts. Somehow, though, it still brings to mind one particular episode of "The Cosby Show" and seems as if logically it should be followed by the word "melancholy." 000604
The Schleiffen Man Everytime I hear it/read it, I'm reminded of the man who legally changed his name to Ubiquitous God. True story.... 000604
samayyel Dead Can Dance

"the ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove"
jeffrey been quite awhile
now sadee
has'nt it
yes joe but yu don't know
the half of it yeh I KNOW
it all sadee
see I know it all
and tehn when you give up
and see through me in the evenings
shady sadee
is it all coming back
you see through me yet
and when I first met you
you were everywhere I WAS
you were everything I needed
I am not to blame here you are
you don't even know me any more
I know everything
and I am still evrywhere
you love all of me
all the time
for every reason
not enough
not enough I am ubiquitous
sarie for goodness sake! 020304
god it's what things are 030620
Allie alone on blue sea mirroring blue sky, just me and light, freedom and peace, and a voice, calling me back to reality. 040203
jane my favorite word 040203
white_wave i have thought this was a beautiful word ever since i heard that Dead_Can_Dance song. but i never knew what is meant. thank you online_dictionary_for_dummies. now i like the word even more. 040309
Im so shallow mmmm I lurv this word, it's one I rarely ever use bc I have a hard time fitting it into the proper context, when other ppl say this word I'm automatically attracted to them for a short length of time, actually that’s most any one w/ a unique and intelligent vocabulary, you don’t even have to know what your talking about you just have to sound like you do as long as your words intrigue me 040402
Syrope i told him i knew he would be a good lover because of his vocabulary
and he turned out to be less_than_you

you, with so few words, managed to rival the best touches i've ever felt.

tell me how. with your hands. again.
thieums I knew a guy named Ubiquitous
Who used to do many things dangerous
And one morning
He went on missing
That limerick was a bit gratuitous
what's it to you?
who go