Raina please????

I'm such a dummy.
u24 firefox has a spellcheck extension which autmatically highlights misspelled words as you type them. it effectively automatically adds spellcheck to any site. 080604
u24 needles to say, i dont hav it installd on ths mchine. 080604
no reason i find it funny that the firefox spellcheck doesn't recognize the word "firefox." 080604
z freespellchecker.com 080604
hardy har learn how to speel 080604
sameolme Could grammar check be added?
How about a clarity check?
Truth check?
Oh man what I wouldn't give for a
love check tool.
z http://www.spellchecker.net/spellcheck/ 080604
u24 no reason; heh, yeah that is funny. you can of course right click the word and add it to the dictionary :) 080604
what's it to you?
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