puredream Are you looking at me with happy eyes?

Or are you still half empty?

I look into your eyes and I shiver for where have you gone so quickly?

It seems you've been running out since the day I set foot through those first set of doors. Stepping into the first classrooms of my life. Learning to nurture my mind and to love my soul.

Where have all the little children gone?

Locked away, and hidden behind our now stolid faces.

I once flew. Higher than any tree. Further than any hawk. I once flew.

I once dreamed. Of greater things. Of brighter days. I once dreamed.

I once loved. All who knew me. All who loved. I once loved.

I once smiled. For anyone who asked. For anyone who needed. I once smiled.

I once believed. In love and life. In fairytales and better tomorrows. I once believed.

I once prayed. For guidance through the day. For answers. I once prayed.

I once died.

Do you know where all the time goes?

Slipping through the hour glass...






Like each little sand falling deeper and deeper into the greater void. Making history. Becoming history. I'm history. Seeya.

It seems as if, with each grain, I lose a piece of myself. A fragment of my heart and of my person. Where is it going?

My hourglass was once fill. It drains away. Emptying fast.

Do dreamers have bigger holes for the sands to slip through? Do they let their time slip away?

I'm slipping.

I love this little hourglass. In the palm of my hand. Mingling with my memories. Throwing them all away. So I can face tomorrow. Knowing that yesterday won't come again.

Falling hopes.

Dream big.

How do you dream big?

I think that sometimes I just need someone to say hold_my_hand and we'll be okay.

If you and I put all our sand together into one big hourglass would it be more full?

Could our lives mingle and last longer or more gratified if we just simply held hands?


Please. Dearest hourglass I don't want you to slip away. For I'm afraid of the time when I run out of days.

Lie to me.

Don't let me know what lies ahead. Let me fly. Let me dream. Let me love. Let me smile. Let me believe. Let me pray.

Don't let me die...

jensonkerr As one might see the hourglass
As a way to lose time and lose yourself.
A universal trash can for memories
I do not share this vision...
My hourglass..
It takes those memories...
and Keeps them safe for me
It takes my life
and Keeps it until the End.
Then I can look back
and share in the nostalgia
The joy
The prayers
The thoughts
The laughter
The tears
My life...
And each new phase
brings different grains of sand
To pass through the gates
and be kept safe
for me to open
when i need to
Any time that i need to remember...
My hourflass is there.
lie_to_me, her hourglass figure said

and my hands lied to her
all over
n o m me! i want to lose weight, but apparently my whr is alright. 110927
n o m my shoulders and hips are the same measurements, and my waist 11 inches smaller. 110927
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