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See absence_of_meaning.
oldephebe it's supposed to be unclear - it has to be unclear because of all the shit that would rain down if one were to be really explicit - we have to be unclear twithin our own spirts as well because of all the shit that would rain down..we work so hard at denying oursleves the obliterating truth and fierceness of our own emotions - feelings arent't facts and when we eschew the most precious sound in us, the warnings our own soul and body give to us, when we rely on the endlessly masticating logical part of our minds we bury it in the body, we bury it in the tomb of our minds and doom is calling and raking against the walls and scaling the abyss ..when we rely upon the culture to construct an inner life for us we damn ourselves ultimately and poison our energy fields and hmm ignore the deeper meaning of the emanations in those energy fields but they can't be painted over with pain killers or pink pills or a good smooth whiskey inebriate or some hawiian hashish - or that glittering piece of plastic burning a platinum whole in our designer leather handbag.. we MUST listen to ourselves and our pysches and feel the energies pulsating riotously through us and around us..they have something terribly and sometimes horrifyingly important to reveal to us!


carried away again..but i'm almost through i think..nope no way to exocise this stuff..so i guess blather is stuck with this stuff
Robert life seems unclear we make the best of what we do but who is to say its the best. who decides no you nore them but the one who runs your life., 110331
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