blown cherry he never did.

I was just a bit of fun.
A bit of a distraction.
A bit of human contact when he was too drunk or too lonely to know any better.
belle allo? 020324
Ariadani my side hurts so much and i have no idea why. i hope it goes away soon (the pain, not my side) i took tylenol....i wanna sleep! its not fair, my body doesnt want me to be happy *whine* 020417
blown cherry that was supposed to be from he_doesn't_love_me but it didn't show up on the from list.

Sam always used to say "ow" in a sort of accusing tone, a bit like he was saying "What did you do that for?" to the table on which he had just stubbed his toe.
It was an expression I took with me when he left.
blown cherry ooops. It was from he_doesn't_want_me , which itself was from he_doesn't_love_me.
I always foil myself when I'm trying to be creative and clever.
the godfather pain.
bad head.
evil headache.
not good methinks.
no reason excuse me. there is something behind my eyes. 041129
what's it to you?
who go