typhoid when you know how to listen,
everyone is a guru.
amorfus a perfect mirror. always nowhere, always now-here. the kingdom of heaven on earth. 000509
tarin almost wish i could recognize mine.. 000509
amillio Hey man that runs the feilds your in control now the elders of the bubinga forest laugh for they have been to the 7-11 and they journeyed back to tell us that the slurpees there are not woth it but we travel back anyhow why do we not trust in the guru he has reached his finest hour the day will come i will become the way of the shoe and love the feeling of peanuts thrown against your skull 011109
ponder on thiis you are your own guru
the reader
ClairE I met Veronica again after leaving her behind in elementary school. I was the opposite, and was pleased to see what she'd grown into. She said, "You used to be so quiet and solemn and just read all the time. You were, like, my guru." 011228
malacka I've been raised on a guru. My father and his guru have alwyas been a part of my life, but now he wants his guru to become my guru. The dreams of a parent,
Just trying to help, and not knowing how
what's it to you?
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