misspudding some may argue that it is the state you find yourself in after several quickly placed drinks of alcohol...
i find it is the precarious situation i place myself in the presence of the one i am infatuated with...
love, sweet love.
Norm Ya. drinking

coldnt agree more
Ambience The flood gates always seem to open - when the poison is running strong through my veins.
And all these thoughts that lie deep inside have been driving me insane.
And once they reach my heart, and all that lies therein,
excrete themselves so suddenly, thats when the tears begin.
Combined with all thats pushed aside are all these quiet_fears
Tucked away inside my troubled mind for all these painful years.
. I've never read anything like this! It's so cool and original! 030630
Ambience Do I have a fan? :-)

Thank you very much. I post on this site in hopes someone will REALLY read it, and appreciate it. So thank you. I love so much to hear someone likes what I write.

Since you know... I put my all into it.

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