life_in_a_spiral creature of habit. its hard for me to get sentimental with a person without feeling awkard. unfortunate incidents in my life has caused me to be socially inept. now, by habit im this way. by habit im an outsider. by habit i trust no one. i hate what ive become. id rather have a life as a fuck up than not have a life as a decent person. i dont know how to live as a decent person, because im a habitual fuck up. im a habitual loser. im a habitual paranoid. i go in circles repeating the same cycles over and over again, because im a creature of habit. i hate talking about my problems, because i know that no one cares to understand. or they think they understand because they've heard something similar before. things aren't in black and white, there's different shades of meaning. but its all been heard before right? its my habitual lifestyle. so in the end i guess im just a habitual cliche 020822
thieums Seasons come and go
Swimming in circles I
Repeat the same cycles
Happiness, despair, sorrow
Seasons come and go...
what's it to you?
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