Jaspin A simple box.
Four walls lined with red satin.
A floor cushioned to comfort the dead.
A lid to lift and view a cold face.
A lid to shut the deceased away.
Shiny and black on the outside.
Or maybe shiny and white?
Or a simple wood grain?
To the dead it doesn't matter.

Buried deep into the earth.
Or burnt to ashes with the stiff.
Either way, the family sees it
Only for one day.
To the dead it doesn't matter.

But burry the box, with the dead inside,
And the grave robbers will come.
Steal the family heirlooms.
To the dead it doesn't matter.

Burn the box, and the ashes mix
with the stiff's.
Never told apart from the deceased.
To the dead it doesn't matter.
krupt i want to lay in here forever, i want the worms to crawl thru my eyes and eat my flesh, i wish this was real and not only in my mind. Im such a fake i cant even die right. 080116
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