mott man creative drought and BMW 000120
nanny is when you don't have sex for a long time 010909
nanny dying of thirst 010909
is a planet Dry, cracked ground. 011020
lost restless hormones. 011020
unhinged the last living piece
ripped out
left with nothing but a memory
LadakhBuddhess lack of soul 020330
redgate33 got emptied. Hope u send me to the replenished image of this land thats finished. Its serving its sentence and I want not to witness its ending. Im pretending that I'm vintage but I'm newer then plastic wraps on New released CD's or them peelings from this months sunflower seeds. So I bleed refreshed like sacrifices in the auspices of the aztecs. 030405
angelita emptiness inside, friends grow distant, senseless and insensitive.
I messed up/am messed up.
mon it is dry in the desert the rattlesnakes and bears scared out of the woods by fire from the_coast to the_rockies it_is a drought it_has been drying out for the past few years
i am dreaming of snow
oldephebe and the prophet, oh the preacher man in his burlap cossack robe
sat himself down hard upon the carpetless ground - a keenly polished board, let its hardness, shear me
he begins a prayer
up and out of the emptiness
the shattered vase of his vows
"how have I aquited myself in this..
and by the time my eyes reach the top of the broken sky - maybe then i'll know
remember the gray hymm i growled to a broken life, diminished potential - dapple me with a shade of the existential - and an end to this scaerdotal fugue
maybe there's chance
if i kneel here for three days and lightless nights -
out of the purity of emptiness
i'll ressurect the holy ardor that will
drown out such vivid obscenities - and latinate curses - the stuff of self censure - maybe i just don't know
how did paul sustain himself
retain himself - live oonly for You and nothing else -
Father send me somethin'
to lure me back into the Light
somethin' to bring back that shimmer
celestial glimmer -
as i set about to walk the night
as i minister to the sandpaper souls
and wade through these tenements of
ruined lives
give me somethin to give them
before they realize somethin's awry
and some will say
how dare I have the impertinance
to doubt - that my faith if its true
will draw me out of this drought
can i
allow myself to be weak in the God's strength -
send your tender eyes
to search my sore heart out
help me to be an answer
help me to dip into the recesees of thier throe
let me be the blind man
broken open
let me lie in these living springs
and i'll rise to
minister to their loudly singing souls
i'll be an answer
and dispell the grim prophesy
of an end that waits for me
oldephebe the word is sacerdotal - smear me in an existential shade and an end to this sacerdotal fugue - yeah 030830
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