unhinged a small dance to a shared love
enter fugue subject in the first voice
mixed feelings and elongated time intervals of indifference
enter fugue contersubject in first voice
while the subject places on in our minds
the real answer slightly disappointing and modulatory
the exposition ends with a long car ride
episode number one
"we should get married...it would be an ivet wedding...they would play at our reception and everything"
entry number one
in a new and minor key
slight tracings and large amounts of self control
episode number two
hurtful correspondence and the first tears of a long string of pain
entry number two
the subject comes back reluctantly
and you wouldn't let me go
episode number three
the vagueness begins and laughter insues
entry number three
the subject intimidates a first kiss
episode three
frank asks and of course there is a definite answer;
what else would you tell him
entry three
the subject contained one last time in a weary long car ride
the pedal point of ignorance begins
tell her i care but i just can't date anyone right now
the subject spirals out into a cadence of insanity.....
we have to play this again?
what's it to you?
who go