SharHaran "The time shall come when the Master of the Storm shall ride again, bringing death in his wake. When the heart of humanity is judged, then shall the final verdict come to save or damn the world. Should light triumph in the heart of humanity, the Rider and Warder shall save it. Should the taint triumph, the Master shall be victorious in his quest of destruction. But in either end, peace will be obtained. Choose now, ye Children of Earth: will your peace be the peace of ease or the peace of a forgotten cemetary? Choose, and choose well..."
-Ghost-written prophesy of 8/14/02
Zatumushgir Of course, it should be noted that prophesies can be averted to some extent. But then again, since this prophesy offers a choice, perhaps the aversion is built in... 020814
gock i suppose it's just rubbish really rambling on like this the sky stays blue despite the fiery intentions of evil men our world is a closed system however so our actions are relatively ineffectual concerning the universe external to our being 040806
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