splinken vanity fair says he might have dyslexia.

barbs says that this is a distinct possibility, but he was never tested for it as a child.

would explain why tactical nuclear weapons turn into "tacular weapons" when Dubya talks about them.

apparently dyslexia can cause people to smash words together like that, and to make dubya-esque malapropisms.
splinken he's gonna be the president. i think my mother secretly voted for him. she says she voted for nader. i don't believe her.

when i call him dubya, it makes him seem so cuddly and befuddled. like a big dog with huge feet that is really sweet and falls over everything.

dubya. dubya dubya.

good boy.
birdmad ~~sings, sarcastically~~

"dubya the *snort* snowman!"
grendel just remember, though, in some states a vote for nader really did turn out to be a vote for the shrub 001213
splinken mom voted in mississippi--so it's a given that the electoral votes will go to the republican cause it's....mississippi. that's just what happens. i still feel like a shmuck for not voting and helping comrade ralph out
a little in his attempt at 5%.

oh well. i'm an apathetic jerk, what can i say?
Chrity Just type "Bush or Chimp" into a search engine, You'll love what you see. :) 010408
girl_jane I'm humored by the fact that he called terrorists 'folk' as if he were going to invite them over for a White House barbeque. 020304
Jacer I'm appalled at that dubya felt it was nessicary to wage a war on the actions of a small percentage of a nation....of whom this percentage has no offical poltical intrest, other than a horrible distate for americans.....based off an unfair stereotype none the less 020304
blue star He angers me. He throws around the word "evil" like it's nothing. Like it can't come back to haunt him.

When he saw axes on display in Korea that were used to kill Americans, he said,"No wonder I thought they were evil."

Does no one else see the hypocrisy in this? We have weapons on display in our museums that were used to kill Native Americans, British Soldiers, Germans, Russians, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Mexicans, Cubans, Austrians, Africans, even other White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Americans... Of course he neglects to bring this up because it would weaken and confuse his already weak and confused platform.

I'm really sick of him representing us to the world. I didn't vote for him, half the country didn't vote for him. Of course he's got to be confrontational with certain countries about their production of nuclear armaments, but "evil" is not a word that an intelligent person uses to describe the government of a country that he is currently visiting. For a supposed Christian he is passing judgement with vigor, don't you think?

He angers me.
lycanthrope he's the embodiment of our country... a state of dangerous bumbling bliss 020304
wooki if americans only knew the general opinion in europe about the u.s. foreign policy, they would emigrate. like nobody knows that global oil reserves are (almost) at their peak.

dubya wants the iraqi oil.
which country is next? what more does he like to have?

dubya, kiss my bender.
celestopia go to google, type
weapons of mass destruction
and click on "i'm feeling lucky"
read carefully.
micky jo I stole the poster from the toy store
selling his little GIJoe doll
I laughed until I couldn't breathe and they called the ambulance
so cheesy and full of jingoism
I thought it was a joke
when I learned it was real
I cried until I laughed
I can't help but wonder
Is he profiting from this?
And isn't that illegal?
People die
blown to shreds in vain
and he makes a doll
want a pretzel?
silentbob "It's glad to be in a place where...." 041019
what's it to you?
who go