deb the deafening silence of this wasted land
torments the wayward soul
the cruel hot sun beats down upon
our backs turned with indifference
the blowing sand stings and blinds
the eyes that saw beyond thier duty
the water current for all our
rises beneath the soil
we fall and sleep from exhaustion and
when we wake again
the wasteland's turned to an ocean
of tears spilt by others
due to our attitudes.
the world in which we live today
reflects only "me"
we care for no others besides ourselves
and wonder why
society is plummetting.
old hick I'm not apathetic.
I'm just indifferent.
silentbob I dont really care about apathy. 000617
el chorizon huh?
aaah, who cares, anyway.
jennifer vince dressed as apathy for halloween
(ie... when asked why he didn't dress up, he replied, "I don't care")
ilovepatsajak there is this guy who changes his "gap athletic" shirt to "apathetic." 011204
jon_dog a friend of mine told me he had a hot date tonite, but then when it came time for him to go out, he said he didn't want to. we had been smoking weed and talking about life after graduation. he says he wants to do something, to live outside the box, but when i tell him to travel, go to europe, go to india, he says no, too expensive, or no, i'll get robbed. 020405
werewolf blathering keeps it a viable life choice 020405
-{::EphemeralArcs::}- upon sorrow in faces, upon long passes in laments and press, awake tomorrow with new dress, neo-masks and a doppliganger glove: to holdthe -tears- streaming mirror, watering the grove.
because light air and burdened earth grow away from my heart, and only staying matters anymore.
Eggo So many bad puns... 040131
Eggo An apathetic being
No care of what its seing
Loses motivation
In important situation

It's eyes lazily pass
Over all around him
no care of what has found him
An apathetic mass

In ancient time
The apatehtic man
's crap would hit the fan
no work to produce subilem

A little nasty wheather
Could not beat down heather
an apathetic plant
Which lasting it cant
jio jio 100215
. im_ghetto, but not_apathetic 101016
what's it to you?
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