typhoid she returns, both as a reborn new_moon and as a flesh and blood and warmth.
fireflies in the mist.
fractal sunset blurs through the interface.
upsetting, but real.
das blinkinlights in the darkness.
i see you standing in the sunset, eyes closing teeth flashing
a halo.
the night is young, the moon is ancient.
slim whitman or zamfir This sweater doesn't fit me. 011017
past some days slipping back into my mid-2000 music catalogue is enough to make the world brighter. those were the days when adolescence was fading away and i emerged from who i was into who i am becoming.

the places i am are different, but similar. the people oh so likewise. and the world is cold and full of life.

let's go play in the snow.
silentbob At work I am
elbow deep
Shipping and receiving
The goings and the comings
the sendings and the returns
All I want is one return from you
to solidify
what's it to you?
who go