Risen The last time I went to Wales, it was in November 2005. I stayed in Aberystwyth and I stood in the wreckage of a castle and cried to the sound of waves crashing on the shore.

In 18 days I will be returning to Wales.

(to be continued)
Risen In 18 days I will be returning to Wales. For an event. Basically like a day-long running battle between two armies. I've been made the commander of my own unit. Which is a huge honour and a hell of a lot of responsibility.

So I'll be going to Cardiff and being a leader. Proud and strong and setting an example.
Risen But these aren't the things I think about when I think of Wales.

For some reason, The Woman and I were skitting one day about how sometimes she felt like she was travelling down one path, and then the next day she woke up and she was in Wales and didn't know how she got there.

Wales became a metaphor for our alternate future. For Us, as we might have been. So we would say "In Wales, I would..." and it would a way of sharing a moment, a wish, a daydream.

I kind of had a plan involving Wales, for if she ever did decide to give me a chance. It seems silly now.

The point is that when I think of Wales, I don't think of the place I hid or the place I'll be conquering, but I think of all the things I imagined and all the things we spoke of, and in a way, the simple truth keeps tugging at my sleeve

I don't want to go to Wales without her.
Iren3_adler is addictive.

I will not be sucked back in. I will not let myself. I will not let you. I will not hurt either of us again. I promised both of us. I will not let either of us down.
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