unhinged called me on the phone tonight and all i could think to myself was "how the hell do i get out of this one?" he's one of those people that forces you to be mean with his placating ways. and what's all this talk about fucking me? oooohhhh 010210
unhinged no matter how i say it in what way i'm screwed. because to be blatant and crude hurts him, but to be subtle and sincere gives him hope. he's my friend and i appreciate that and i want him to be happy. but the one thing he wants to be happy i can't give him. damn love traps. 010417
Sol purity borne from fault,
translucence as a lie,
tears of blood under skin
unhinged he has the most fascinating eyes...useless as they may be, the blue is about the most intense i have ever seen. 010418
velvet spasm that's when el's 'shrooms really began to kick in.
he spun his head around violently. his thick rubbery lips flailed like soggy tubesocks tied to the door handle of a '79 volare. a single drop of grease escaped from his mane like a little child thrown from a merry-go-round.
his eyes narrowed, then focused on a cloaked apparition bearing what appeared to be an ancient scroll containing terrible mysteries. upon the scroll was a single slice of pizza, also shedding grease.
elvis lunged greedily for the slice. the apparition dissolved, and el found himself plunging into an abyss.
el's head swam as he backed away from the toilet. he pulled up his pants, and half-heartedly raised his zipper. his hands, and the entire bathroom, were covered with shit. he retched, then reeled out of the room.
unhinged i used my final weapon
but didn't aim to kill
and it left him critical
and i'm crying
it's just too much for me to see
the way i'm killing him
unhinged i like him but not enough. he just gave me his heart, in my hands, bleeding. i can't find a safe place to put it. i've found someone as doggedly loyal as me and i just don't know what to do. 010424
Casey unhinged-
I've never had a situation like this in my life, so you can ignore me if you like.
Perhaps you could just hand his heart back to him and let him make the choice. If he wants to crush his own heart from there that's his choice.
Also, maybe you could see if his heart could go other places. Get him interested in something else. I have had people turn me down before, and it did hurt for a while. But I mended.
Ursm Hey if anyone is curious unhingedd was talking about me.My blood is purple what did you think it was red or something thats radiculious 010525
ursm and that has to do with what 010525
Ursm The greatest disease,light,pure, and true.Albinos frankly kick ass 010525
ursm i am not an albino fanatic i am an albino 010604
pat sajak i have an albino volcano 010711
black-dyed gel product hehe.
albinos are funny lookin
unhinged my albino isn't funny looking at all 010711
mistaken i wanna adopt an albino. 010712
Albino00 I don't think i am funny looking either.You can adopt me. 010726
kill rhythm if we were still dating, today would be one year.

its funny how so many things can happen...
Tiffa I don't know how petty or naive this sounds, but I would love to be an opaque albino. I look in the mirror and all I see is this orange skinned chick. Still, paler than most - but the pigment is lucid and I see blood when my hands are cold OR hot. It's that odd sunned look. I hate it. A nice, surreal opaque whitness, maybe with a tinge of blue or green. Green and I might look sick, but nice in a forest. Blue and I would glow under the moon.

That's it!! White like the color of my skin under moonlight. *sighs*

URSM - it might be rude to ask, but forgive me. Is your skin translucent-ish? I've never been acquainted with an albino, so I'm curious.
Ursm My skin is for the most part translucent.You can very easily see my veins and the blood below my skin. 020512
Tiffa Humph. Yes, definetly opaqueness. I don't know how much of the lucidity I could stand for. I like solid coloring - on anything.

Thank you.
somebody how vary beautiful


I wish I was ......
I wish I had always been ......
think of how different my life experiences would of been if I were ......
unhinged just like him
are just like me and him
you make me so mad
and sorry and sad
how am i supposed to be your friend
when i've got all this guilt
when you make me so mad
that i want to take the easy way out
what the hell man
i don't want to be a passerby
but sometimes
i just want to take the easy way out
Doar Then it would be best to follow that little unhinged inside yourself. I leave nothing but a swath of destruction wherever I tread.

"WHY should I blame her that she filled my days
With misery, or that she would of late
Have taught to ignorant men most violent ways,
Or hurled the little streets upon the great.
Had they but courage equal to desire?
What could have made her peaceful with a mind
That nobleness made simple as a fire,
With beauty like a tightened bow, a kind
That is not natural in an age like this,
Being high and solitary and most stern?
Why, what could she have done, being what she is?
Was there another Troy for her to burn?"

cymoril what a delicious deformity.
Anna Von Kickass his name was wesley.
and he had red eyes
unhinged he has yellow albinoism; so he has blue eyes that are pretty much useless. so useless in fact that he cannot obtain a driver's liscense.

we are closer than we have ever been. it's amazing what growing up can do for a friendship.
what's it to you?
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