love_over_will "you're a bully and a clown
you made me cry and put me down
after all that ive been through
you'd think i'd hate the sight of you"
- the jeep song
dresden dolls
flowerock Was just thinking of this song and then three_words brought me "jeep"

"But someday i'll steal your car and switch the gears
And drive that cherokee straight off this trail of tears"

I lived in a jeep cherokee once. We had to crawl underneath to whack the starter with a wrench to start it. We drove it just about cross country and back. I try to remember positive memories from that time, any good times were when I was away from him or when there were friends around to focus on, or with our dog. Not him. Everyone called him MacGyver because he can fix or build just about anything with his hands and whatever you could pull out of the dumpster... that was fun to watch, but that's about all I can come up with. The rest just reminds me I made a horrible choice in choosing him and then a great choice in leaving him. I miss the jeep much more than I ever missed him. I don't think I've really missed him at all.

And how happy I am now that most of my happy memories and experiences involve the one I love now, I want to share every happy moment with him, thankyouniverse for this amazing gift_of_love.
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