thea "hi," said the girl.
"hey," said the boy out of politeness.
the girl swallowed. god. he had the most beautiful eyes but he... it was like you take the cigarette and squash the flame between your fingers. she wanted to talk to him, really talk to him and know everything there was and, for some reason, for him to dye her hair. but she couldn't because he was extinguished and didn't want to talk to anyone.
"how are you?" she said.
"not that good," he said. "how are you?"
"why not?" she said.
"doesn't matter," he said. "i dunno."
she sat down and hunched and put her hands on her knees. fuck. it wasn't fucking fair. he had the most beautiful eyes but they were fucking extinguished. god. it wasn't... she didn't even smoke cigarettes.
falling_alone spray all the "John G's" with a hose. 041110
SleepieCloud Wish I'd seen this when it was written.
Too late now.
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