syd barrett A Rooftop in a Thunderstorm Row Missing the Point
With yellow, red and roomy food, and quivered
crouching on a golden cushion
undressed himself to disappear
through an infinity of pleasure
and smiled to free the running me
with "Am I my brother's keeper?"
his meek hand on devil's gloves
shaping running blood.

The prophecy, to recreate the truth
in visions of a seasonal mood
in truth, the only sight he saw
lay hidden in the bathroom door
and spat on the rug
as high is high, so low is low
and that's the end of it.
silentbob there we were 010729
Casey I feel off of it and broke my arm as we were making out under the moonlight. No not really, I have never broken my arm ot made out 010801
blamethesky and i'd blow bubbles while sitting on my roof and i would think of you.
wish that you were there..keeping me company..or below so i could watch.
josh has been on my roof with me..but not until after we broke up..or he broke up with me i should say. what a mistake he was.
i want you to be there.
kerry goddamn i would give anything to make out with a slinkster-cool surfer dude on a rooftop. **sigh** 011220
ClairE It was right there but by the time I was old enough to consider using it it was gone and I was at the front of the house.
My dad cheerfully illustrated, "If the house catches on fire, just drop from this roof. You might break your leg, but that's better than being dead."
scuzz Laying on the roof was nice. I didn't think I'd find a way to feel like I hadn't wasted time on a great Saturday, but that was it. I finished English homework and got a nice tan. This feeling is great; knowing that I want to do that again tomorrow. This is the first day in a long time that I don't regret. Bitter-sweet 030531
randomly recent new years y2k. the millenium. on a rooftop, alone. watching fireworks and wondering.

Sakhalin is Magnifique If you live in Vladivostok or Sapporo you should yell from the rooftops about how excellent Sakhalin is, or else. 060309
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