*nat* I think i made this word up myself, i twist and manipulate most things, sumtimes for the good, sumtimes for the worse, i can manipulate things to be the way I want them to be, or i can manipulate you to my way of thinking, which is the way we all should think of course... 020822
nick "fantabulous" is a cool word but you didn't make it up. 020822
*nat* thank you nick, i was seeing which idiot would point it out first, and you won the prize 020823
kumasluta Ahem, i made up this word to annoy my roommate, along with hooterlicious, yumerific, people of flava, and other such slang hits. This one really took off, though. Did it in about '98, by the way. If you look, I doubt you will find any "hits" on it before then.

If so, maybe there really is a collective unconscious, like jung said, and there are many people thinking the same thing.

ps, you can tell by my email address that I am particularly clever and always imitated. ;)
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