freak from hell I can't wait till tommorrow when all of yesterday's retarded entries will be outta here! 000808
Feonix Tomorrow is always ahead, and I shall always look there for the hope and power, to keep going what Ive got now. 030731
minnesota_chris At first reading, I thought that said "Tomorrow is always dead," and I began to get really excited.

It really is dead!
G-OST may we always remember
and may we never forget
the importance of every moment
and the certainty of change
z change is a form of entropy 040526
lou_la_belle I'll always remember yesterday,
I LOVE today,
and I can't wait,

for tommorow...
Sintina Blather has two different spellings of this word, cause it's so commonly mispelled.

It's cool to read multiple blathes on the same topic- written unbeknowst that the long-lost twin blathe even exists!

See: robinhood and robin_hood

Fabulous! Fabulous I say!
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