Majoun Ana is leaving me
But I never really had her anyway
Im scared
Its been too long with Ana
Ive grown too attached
I asked her to marry me once
Ill never find one like Ana
She was so damned perfect for me
Well, almost perfect
She was perfect TO me, I guess
Never met one like her
Doubt I ever will

Maybe we both had too much baggage
Maybe I was just an ass
Maybe she was just an ass

What to do without Ana?
I will miss her

Why does she have to go SO fuckin far away
Without me?

Im going to miss Ana
Like I miss my youth

I sometimes think Im losing my grip
Like Ive been casual too long
and I cant face reality
So I hide so far away from it
Its gonna bite me in the ass
Nah, It has bitten me in the ass

I lost something the other day
At Anas place
Probably in her bed
What I lost - seems fitting

Once, many years ago
A woman broke my heart
I pierced the closest thing to my heart
I kept it all this time
To remind me of something
I dont know what exactly
Noth that I forgot
I just never really knew
But I lost the little stone connector
Thats been dangling from my aching heart
Less then a month before Ana leaves
Somewhere in her bed perhaps
Maybe on her couch

A little piece of my heart
my being
my life
my reality

I miss her already
Shes not even gone yet

Ive gotta get some fuckin sleep
Ive been fuckin around way too long
gotta take care of some things this week
before they take care of me
me it's like a self-hating club.

let's all starve ourselves till we die. better yet, let's promote it in other people. prey on the self-conscious, the underconfident, the emotionally weak. and hell, let's call it a support group.
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