Boogaloo come searching for my site? 001230
Tank satans_spawn. 001230
melvinwang they're like octopuses (octopi?) but don't live in water and have fewer limbs. so they really aren't. 010618
paste! they're not like pepperoni. 010618
DEATH sssssssssppppppiiiiiidddeeerss.
Put your hand up who likes
Black Widows'?

Why might they be called this?

Why are they the most deadly spider in the world?


The Cave spider......

Why are they called this?

Why do they live in dark places?

Why do you not tell your best friend that it is right next to her face?


Put your hand up ......
who likes snakes?

why do you like them?
do you like the poison ones?

How do you defend the attack?

answer... if you know it is close by or even down your t-shirt then ... stay calm as a seal, just say hello, blow in it's direction and say I love you because you are ugly.

Scarey shit hah! well many people may be stung by many creatures like a scorpian in the past but these animals need to be tought a lesson ans that is not to beafraid of bigger creatures like human beings. I am fucking scared their might be a snake in my sleeping bag , well what do you do about it but experience the fear of it 78% being in your mind. This is known as Hypocondria.

so .... as I continue this really is the story of "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" .... but I scwerm because of that film... I scwerm because of "Jaws" .... I hate things with lots of legs.... but they are called crustations they are little and perthetic. I prefer kittens and puppies thank you so if you see one ugly animal just kill it o.k. cos i never want to be bitten by one.

went off the rails into my mind .....ummmmmmm where was I !....



the medical dictionary says:
preoccupation with the physical functioning of the body and with fancied ill health. It may amount to to a handicapping neurosis and dominate a person's life. In the most severe from there are delusions of ill health, usually due to underlying *depression. Treatment with reasurance, *antidepressant drugs, and/ or psychotherapy is usual, but the condition is often chronic.

WHEN A FUCKING SHIT POISON SPIDER BITES YOU RIGHT AN IMPORTANT GLAND THEN YES THAT IS CALLED FUCKING PAIN, harsh pain you don't even care if you are diing because the pain is like sooo bad you just want the struggle to be over.

On the other hand when you are an exteme hypocodriac, this is called a mind game. This is when your whole life flashes in front of your eyes, it is like a struggle to stay a float in rough water. I would say that if you friend says to you many times that she or he thinks that they are dieing then maybe to listen and not to ignor is the right thing to do. I.E. Why would someone say someting like that for mer atention! I laugh but I know what it is to trhink you are dieing, I have been through it many many times but I over come it by myself not through therapy,
I don't care if I can't spell. If you live with some one that is stuggling to get out of something like Balimia and you are a n exteme Hypocondriac then her resonse is the best. What I mean is that her illness is a head truman and she knows it however when you have an extreme panic attack like for example you think you have a punctured lung then the right response at the time is......stop the panic..you are doing it to yourself.

However the wrong response if you are a bit selfish would be oh shut up, I'm sick and tired oh hearing about it.

It is as easy as PIE.

I don't lie about things, I just protect the truth that hurts.
P.S. If their were a spell check Kelly, I would use it, why are you so afraid of being alone? Why don't you work harder, go through the shit, stop smoking to save some god dam money and help yourself.
oh yes and forgivness is the right word so don't bother even phoning me because I'm bord of you and your selfish I want my money back business.
Fuck money, Fuck drugs, I'm am going traveling and this time with a bloody dictionary, have you read it yet?

I am angry with you for a bloody hurting depressive reason, like you just don't trust anyone, well I do and I always have. Is that still a problem for you? or shall we point at that bloody rock together??

don't bother phoning me you bitch.
for KELLY WALSH on a softer note,
anger is close to hate,
but really it means that I miss my friends.
and Bitch means... put on a bit of weight on, you just might begin to like your body a little bit more.
Si is nice but you cling to him like you are loosing something, what is that?
if you are a friend......
the things are called telephone wires.
paste! yes, makes me want to lie in the gutter for a week. the other 22% of fear is just flat out sweating cheese or peanut butter. dig? gotcha! 010618
catch this.... ummmmmm......
ha there you go.
the cure for spider bites.
TORTRINE isn't it.
someone once told me that it is the juice from Bulls Balls!
they cold be quite close!
don't be stupid like me and drink ten pints of it a day it could almost kill you!
peyton the spiders all in tune

the evening and the moon

dreams are made winding

through my hand

you know I will be waiting here always
JC Denton allcheats enabledtrue A spider just landed on my knee.
I swatted it away without killing it
of course.
I do hate spider bytes.
They itch for dayz.
This one must have just been tasting me.
hey now! ive heard that they talk a lot 020726
oon (daed AND farky) not so much the ones from mars as the giant_spiders_of_shame

they believe that if. like shehrazade, they keep talking they can avoid ending up as what's_for_dinner
phil today 020729
call_me_lydea crazy spider on my wall
I am going to make you fall
fall you little fucker

spider from mars that's not very nice, lydea. ;) 021020
freakizh i bet all the spiders are from.. mars.
they're so glammie and.. bowie.
phil I am still scared of spiders. It helps if I lay my arms palm down and let it crawl around, that way I can't lose sight of it which makes me throw my arms around like an idiot. When I started the spider was real active and I kept jerking my hand away, it felt like it was going to jump in my face. And then straight through into some other place, like my soul, and kill me. I new I was just being paranoid but I couldn't control myself, I would flip out and lose all sense of what was really going on. But after he got a little tired I felt more at ease. He liked to jump a lot and I had to pick him up several times to throw him outside, I used to have to use paper and a glass to pick one up. They kind of remind me of grasshoppers. I wish I could just convince myself they are just as harmless. (original) 030608
minnesota_chris you are never more than six feet away from a spider. Haha have fun sleeping tonight.

is feeling mean today
rubydee don't reach under that rock
knock your boots out before putting them on
use caution when unwinding the garden hose
black widows like to live under the lettuce heads in the garden
wear gloves
ISpyASpider I talk to spiders!! Last night, I saw a freaky, science-project-gone-wrong kind of giant spider and we had a nice conversation 030918
finngwen paint my star with your web and let my mind become a bleeding headless courtier...is that submissive enoough for you yet, with your eight legs and your pinchers round my neck? 040420
milo by the time you die, you would have eaten 7 - without you even knowing it 041230
andru235 to the spiders send the vibe
that you will respect their tribe
and to you they'll do the same
(and the mosquitos they'll tame!)
devilbunny Where's my can of Raid? 061110
what's it to you?
who go