jane shines heaven's skies 030218
misstree draw deep breath. this will be difficult, but if you play proper, you will enjoy it.

the corrections are yours to make. you cannot fix the components with blunt instruments; reprogramming and evolution should be allowed in. scare the girl only as much as neccesary. befriend her as you tear her down. show her the tail she has not yet shed, and offer to help; if she follows a bit of advice. let fangs glint for slimmest moments. allow photographs of times past play idly at your fingertips. show her that you know the path. show her that she wants to please you. that she needs you. make her regret her slip. make her conscious of every movement. be ready to shed your haughty hate; it will not serve you here. whisper in her ear, serpent offering apple, "if you'll only trust me... this is what you must and must not do..." tell her only once how dangerous of an enemy you are. she will not forget. fame is already yours, power is already yours. flexing will only inspire rebellion. let the curtain twitch, let scents drift through. smile and offer your hand. she will be honored to accept.
zeke a means to an end, never an end unto itself
- Robert Fripp
sameolme I think I lag the selve deasilspleen it
takes to get it rite.
amy nada once, when there was no hope, i had me some discipline. and now, i am over-subscribed to a consumerist black hole. enjoy your walk -- yeah, okay, reasonable enough, but, how about use your walk to think???? 100430
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