notme warp_and_weft 040705
unhinged i went back to my old favorite micro forest for the first time since i moved out of that neighborhood a few months ago

the paths i used to wear are now overgrown

wild blackberry
ground cover
hip cover

like i was never even there

a small but sticky string
snapped across my face
and then i saw it

the iridescent sculpture
the curvy eight sided figure
between the trees
flashing in the sunshine

there was no way to avoid
destroying the ephemeral tapestry
more of it fell to the leaves
as i tore my way through
what used to let me pass
with minimal effort
my constant anxious pacing
in those same tracts
literally wearing a path

the screeching cry of an eagle
pierces the sky

eventually i emerge back into
the open field
and look_up
way up

to see three sets of fully unfurled wings
(spanning six feet
in reality
longer than i am tall)

so high up
they looked to be no more than
a few inches
arcing lazy soaring circles
in the big sky

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