Morelen i was only a replacement.....a replacement for a lover...
"I love you just as much as i ever loved her...."
ear parcel my brain leaked out my ear last night
it just dribbled onto my pillow
i really needed it this week,
it's finals...

where can i find a replacement?
pushpins replace me with giggles and secrets,
fill the void with fake flowers
(sorry if I make them wilt.)
pull me apart in your mouths
and chew
the tasty gossip with
your iron jaw...
make me fake.
emmi i always knew i was kind of a replacement, and i wonder why i was always kind of okay with it 051022
pete i feel like their looking to replace me.. but i'd wish the one who they gave my shifts too was a bit more.. useful.. intelligent.. practical.. possessed common sense, ability, or experience... oi. 051022
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