emma are we supposed to like, stick to a subject here? 981105
daxle find the slope of my tangent line and you'll figure me out 990501
OTK A: This is simply a eucledian conspiracy to keep us curved-spacers out of the FUN geodesics!

B: Well, go get your space bent!
Raina (I hate recycling shit)

I met a tan gent one night while out trying to forget about you.

I couldn't completely forget, but what I can say is this...

it felt good to be distracted for a brief moment.
PiRho I love tangents. they are kinda like oranges but smaller. They are alot easier to peel too! mostly I like the way they taste. If life had more tangents we would all have more fun. sticking to a well beaten path of oranges is all too boring. but life must consist of tangents and chocolate (but not both at the same time).

does life have meaning without tangents!
klairchen er, umn, nnnyeahno.

you mean tangerine.

but maybe you were just trying to be cute or something.
sc i dont like circles, they turn me off. bleh.
but off tangent remarks are a speciality.
Doar wow. euclidian....wow... 031219
the pseudo oh, you expected me to stick to the topic? I think not...

so, I was out the other day, and I was think about how clouds look like castles in the sky, and they're really pretty, and I wanted to fly away...

then I wondered what the Wright Brothers were thinking when they first flew, if they knew
Tropylium It only touches at a single point. 060314
what's it to you?
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