sabbie what a menace! 011223
ClairE He cheats at tennis. 011225
farmfish actually your right, but it would be more like i cheat-ed at tennis. i played like a maniac when i was in school, dressed like bjorn borg and thought i was him. my brother and i had such fucking intense matches. if a ball was near the line and in, i called it out and he'd be all fired up. we fought often, called each other names and i broke several rackets by smacking them into the ground when i missed a shot.

then we'd go to the dairy queen after and buy quart size mister mistees and freeze our brains.
oon hopper, man!

girl_jane My mom once dated a guy named Dennis. He lived with us (my mom, my sister, and me) for a quite awhile. He was the biggest jerk I've ever met. He never hit my sister or me. Well, not our faces anyway. He was abusive soooo many other ways though. My mom finally got smart and kicked him out when he raised his hand to her. I haven't seen him in years. I like it that way. 020218
bethany he was 26 and i was 18
he was austrailian and i was american
he had the biggest "blue eyes" i had ever seen, and used to sing Lola to me for some strange reason.
m&m a guy with blond hair parted on the side 030615
oli is a weird name 030721
innocent insect thar he blows! gulf coast heads for the hills!

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