amy i seem to think that when consciousness lets go of memories, the end of the world shows itself to be the same as the beginning, and that energy is alive. hallucinations, though. 000212
BoofPixie arrogant? yeah, when i've got the heels on you bet your ass i am. 000310
silent bob When the victimized fights back
The Victimizer suddenly becomes the victim and accuses you of being arrogant. suddenly YOU'RE the bad guy for being offended.
Fuck off. Arrogant prick.
jennie rose i am arrogant to think i could make him fall in love with me again. 000808
selfish YOU!!! damn does this ever define you perfectly, and for no good reason. you don't even know enough to have the right to be arrogant. 010327
pink! oh man
i was watching a tennis tournament today...
so there was this guy
said on the sheet that he was ranked #1

so he comes on the court, does this jumping back-and-forth thing, clearly has way too much energy
beats his opponent in due course
walks briskly through a crowd who have been waiting for ages, hoping for an autograph

I just checked his website... it's blathering about how amazing he is, wallpapers, fan art

arrogant bastard, ja?
skye yes, jeremiah. you are an arrogant asshole.
and this is alex's word. which makes it pretty.
what's it to you?
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